Why Men Should Cook

Top 7 Reasons Why Men Should Cook

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, food is a basic necessity we all need to survive. But food is more than just a necessity, it has become an integral part of every occasion in our lives. Friends and family bond over food, and many travel the world just to experience different kinds of delicacies other culture has to offer.

Having said, one of the most important life skills every person must learn is cooking. But there is a misconception about it, that is, women are in charge of the kitchen. Well, it’s time to discard the stereotyping because based on statistics there are more male professional chefs than women. This only proves that men, too, can excel in this area.

Although there are more male than female who pursues and becomes successful in cooking as a job, fewer men are cooking at home. Thanks to the mothers, wives, and girlfriends who do the work for them and take-out for the bachelors living solo.

Hence, following are the reasons why men should cook.

The kitchen is not only for women, but also for men

The misconception about women being the head of the kitchen can be traced back to history. There was a time when women were not allowed to work, thus, attending only to their children, husband, and the household chores, cooking included. But times are changing; women are already working alongside men. Hence, it is high time that men should learn how to cook, a task that is stereotypically portrayed as the job of women.

Being able to master this skill will surely add value to your life because after all eating is a daily routine everybody needs.

Cooking will allow you to be independent

Lucky are those who have someone to prepare food for them, but luckier are those who don’t rely to anyone or from take-out to eat.

Learning to cook gives you the freedom to choose your own menu and cook your own food anytime you want, however you want. And since the food you eat determines so much about your health, being able to prepare good and healthy food as part of taking care of yourself must be a priority.

Cooking at home is definitely healthier

You are what you eat. This is a quote you hear more often from fitness gurus. Indeed, nutrition plays a crucial role in your health. No matter how hard you hit the gym, if you don’t eat the right food, you will have a difficult time achieving that perfect body every girl would die for.

Sure, there are healthy food options in different restaurants, but you are not certain how the food was prepared. There might be additives such as preservatives, sweeteners, and oils that are not good for you, so, the smarter choice would be to prepare your own food so you can choose everything you want to go into your food.

Cooking will allow you to save money

If you are a bachelor who is living alone, the easiest way to fill your stomach are eating at a restaurant, take-out food, or have it delivered at your place, and doing these can be very expensive.

If you want to save money, cooking at home is definitely the smarter choice. This would also mean having more budget for more important things.

Cooking helps you become a better host at home

Friends, family, and girlfriends are some of lives’ pleasures and what better way to bond with them than to invite them over to your place. Of course, their visit wouldn’t be complete without sharing a good meal and if you can prepare the meals on your own, it makes you very hospitable.

Cooking takes time and effort, and if your loved ones can see the work you put in for them, it makes a really big difference. Being appreciated by your loved ones is such a great thing.

Cooking is an avenue for creativity and relaxation

Cooking provides a lot of benefits; it is both artistic and therapeutic. When you cook, there are many things to consider such as the ingredients, the taste, and the presentation — all of which requires careful planning and execution. In cooking, you become inventive and your sense of taste becomes stronger. It also stimulates critical thinking and gives you an opportunity to create beautiful things.

Moreover, cooking helps you focus your mind in the present. With how fast the world is moving today, relaxation becomes a luxury. So, it is great to be able to slow down and enjoy every process involved in cooking.

Cooking makes women fall for you

Cooking is a basic life skill that shows a man’s independence, competency, and creativity. A man who has this basic skill becomes more attractive to women since it shows how dependable they can be at home.

Aside from that, women love to eat too. It sure is romantic to dine at a fancy restaurant but women appreciate effort even more. When you cook for someone you love, it shows how important they are to you for spending the time and effort in creating a masterpiece made out of love. There is nothing sexier than a man plating up something that looks good and tastes delicious.

Also, cooking at home is a cheaper alternative for a date. Everything becomes more personal when at home because you can have more privacy and intimacy together. Additionally, you can choose your own food, and aphrodisiacs might be the perfect food choices to serve your most significant other.


Indeed, cooking offers a lot of advantages for men. It is a lifelong skill that is essential to improve the quality of life by means of getting healthier, impressing loved ones, becoming more creative and inventive, and allows you to have more money in your pocket. Start cooking now and show the world how men can rock the kitchen, just like this guy is doing at Dads That Cook; showcasing men from all over the country that cook for their families.

Till next time, I hope you have enjoyed this article!…

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